Nate Winn


Nate Winn with Bob Hurst, Grand Jazz Festival, 2014

A consummate musician, Nathaniel Winn discovered his passion for the drums in church at the age of 4. Since then, the Detroit, Michigan native has never looked back. Nate has had the pleasure to work with many well-known musicians such as Terrance Palmer, Robert Hurst, Pat Metheny and Joshua Redman. Nate's versatile, but unique style has earned him the opportunity appear on numerous albums.  


Nate's style is influenced by Jazz, Blues and his Gospel upbringing, along with some of his favorite drummers: Brian Blade, Kendrick Scott, and Calvin Rodgers.

Currently, Nate is pursing a degree in Music at Wayne State University and in his spare time, he participates in after-school programs that expose elementary school children to music and teach math and science using this medium. He lives in Metro-Detroit with his wife, Lauren.


Photographer: Tamara Yates

Musician: Nate Winn

Festival: Grand Jazz Festival, 2014